The egoiste photography 10+1

Our insider tips for perfect wedding shots


Avoid looking like a shadow of your former self by having at least three nights of good sleep beforehand (and maybe lay off the alcohol and greasy food).


Instead of running around like a headless chicken, appoint a wedding official. This person should be at your beck and call throughout the day and, among other jobs, will help your photographer rally the troops.


Ladies, appoint a professional makeup artist, do a test run or two so you both know what you need, and be sure to carry a touch-up kit with you.


While we’re on make-up…sometimes less is more. You don’t want to look like a drag queen or lady of the night. Keep it crisp  and clean, and avoid shimmer.


Fake tans can look great, but not if they’re applied in a rush or the night before. Once again, a test run or two helps find the best product for your skin type.


For the groom and groomsmen, note that buttonhole flowers tend to wilt and break in warm weather – it’s best to buy couple of back-ups.


Ok fellas, now unless you’re doing a 50s, 60s or 70s inspired wedding, steer well clear of black pants worn with white socks.


To avoid wilting blooms in the summer months, check that your limo driver carries a bottle of water spray (most do). Confirm this when you book.


Being on time is a must. If you’re having shots taken at home before the wedding or afterwards at the park, beach or wherever print maps, print timetables, do whatever it takes to ensure everyone knows where they have to be and when!

The simplest way to look like a million dollars? Have fun and relax. The wedding day will fly past like a bullet train, so enjoy the ride!


+ 1 Lastly, this day is all about love, so KISS each other often and let the love shine through on film!